Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Pages!

Blogs are a mysterious beast to me and e'rry day I try to tackle it and figure it out. I know that it shouldn't be so hard considering I've figured out the whole Adobe Creative Suite... nonetheless.. it most definitely hasn't been easy. Aaaanyhoo, what I'm TRYING to say is that I created some new pages! One is all dedicated to client testimonials. I decided instead of just posting people's comments all boring-like, I'd make them a little more fun to look at. So check out the new page and let me know what you think. The other one is a list of pricing. You and I both know I don't like to talk finances but it's the nature of the beast. (That's my second reference to a "beast". I'm too lazy to change that.)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Stop and Smell the Bacon



Hand-lettering is a new favorite of mine. So I combined that and another favorite of about 90% of the world's population: BACON. It was so fun to do! And yes, I will be selling this print in my etsy shop. Your
kitchens and stomachs can thank me later.