Monday, February 25, 2013

A Bestie's Wedding Announcement

Lars is her name (ok, her nickname) and she is one of the bestest friends I could ever ask for. So for her wedding announcements, I knew I had to make it super special. She is a playful, spontaneous, childlike girl that squeezes the most out of life so for her announcements I wanted to show that but with some romantic flavoring in there too. The tree swing that was shown in her engagement pictures gave me the idea to keep the tree theme going so I drew out a heart carved in a tree and hand-wrote all of the information. (Thank you to my kindergarten teacher who inspired me to work towards beautiful handwriting). I also free-handed the "Lauralee & Mike" logo. She loved them and is still receiving rave reviews from invitees. 

Fashion Gift Cards

Up until recently, I was a graphic designer for DownEast outfitters. (
Making these gift cards was a treat. They were meant to come out around Valentine's Day but we didn't want them to be used ONLY for Valentine's Day so I got to create some feminine patterns, that I absolutely adore, that could be relevant for any time of the year. It was so fun to think of people giving away something I designed as a gift. xoxo!

Jessica & Shea's Wedding Announcements

My darling friends Jessica and Shea got married recently and I was honored to create their wedding announcements for them. Jessica wanted a homemade/vintage look so I happily obliged. These were so much fun to make - it was the first time I tried circle inserts (since I was bored of the square and rectangle ones) and it added to the playfulness of the whole thing and turned out to be a success! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Stott!